Why do you need to see my insurance card at every visit?

Do I need to bring in my old records and how do I get them sent?

Why do you recommend that I arrive 15-20 minutes before my schedule appointment time?

Do you have Saturday hours or work at night?


I am running low on my prescription - how do I obtain more medication?

When should I have my first pap smear?

How often do I need a gynecologic exam and / or pap smear?

What is a thin prep pap smear and why is it better?

What if my pap smear is abnormal?

Do I need to be screened for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)?

What is Gardasil?

What birth control method is best for me?

Can I skip periods with my birth control pills?

What is emergency contraception?

Is it normal to miss my period?

What is abnormal uterine bleeding?

What can I do for menstrual cramps?

What can I do about urinary leakage?

When should I begin getting mammograms?

Can I have my mammogram done here if I had my last one at another facility?

Can I wear deodorant if I'm having a mammogram?

How do I treat hot flashes now that I've stopped my hormones or don't want to start them?

What is a bone density scan?


I am pregnant - when should I have my first visit?

How long will the first visit take?

What dietary recommendations do you give your patients?

Where does your practice deliver?

Can I come if I plan to home-birth?

When should I start taking folic acid if I'm considering getting pregnant and can I take over-the-counter prenatal vitamins?

What do you suggest if my prenatal vitamin makes me nauseous?

How often will I come in and what tests will I have done during my pregnancy?

How does the practice handle disability during and after pregnancy?

Can I have an epidural if I choose to?

May I travel long distances while I am pregnant?

May I travel by airplane?

May I go swimming?

May I go to the dentist while I'm pregnant?

May I get a hair permanent?

May I have my hair colored/dyed?

May I use a salt substitute?

Are diet drinks okay?

May I drink coffee, tea or drinks with caffeine?