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The Five Most Supportive Actions Expectant Fathers Can Take

Category: Posted on: 07/10/17 2:28 PM

Pregnant Woman With Father

Pregnancy is an exciting, dynamic, and exhausting time for expectant mothers! Even the most stable, sensible mother-to-be is subject to hormonal fluctuations that may take her and the expectant father by surprise. Dad, your wife needs you now like never before—here are five ways you can be her knight in shining armor:

Listen—New moms have a lot on their minds, and it may weigh heavily or worry them. Growing a baby means the biology of mom’s mind changes, too, not just her belly. Suddenly all her thoughts are bent on one concept—survival of the infant. She needs a sounding board who tries to understand her concerns and who reassures her patiently.

Be present—Your presence at doctor or midwife visits, prenatal classes, and baby shopping expeditions will mean the world to your wife and concretely demonstrate your ongoing commitment to both her and your baby.

Give her a break—Pregnancy causes many moms to lose sleep and also to need more sleep at the same time—how frustrating! She may be physically uncomfortable, and as progesterone increases, she’ll feel more and more tired. Consider giving her a comfy body pillow and taking on some household chores, so she can rest more.

Take the lead—Your wife needs to know she can count on you. This is not the time to wait until she asks for your help. Showing a little extra initiative will go a long way—you can bring up plans to decorate the nursery (pregnant moms shouldn’t be lifting heavy loads or painting), and ask about her wishes for your role during labor and delivery. Do you know whether she prefers a midwife? A natural birth? Do her feet hurt? Find out how you can help.

Learn all you can together—Knowledge is power, and if this is your first child, you both have plenty to learn. Read books together or attend classes. Several excellent resources can be found at Baby Café where many of the best people and information are available in one place.

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