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We’re Partnering With GPPC!

Category: Posted on: 02/15/21 1:12 PM

We’re pleased and excited to announce our upcoming partnership with General Physician, PC, one of Western New York’s largest, most well-respected medical groups.

What does this mean for you?

First and foremost, we aim to provide improved health care for women in Western New York by increasing accessibility to first-rate cardiology and cancer care. Through our strategic connections, we can provide patients with the resources and support necessary to improve health and quality of life.

Access to top medical providers, a broad network of specialists, and clear communication are just some of the added benefits we aim to bring to our patients through our collaborative efforts with GPPC.

Starting February 22nd, 2021, our patients will have access to GPPC’s resources as well as our own. This means greatly improved overall care to our valued patients all across Western New York.