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How to Celebrate National Doctor’s Day March 30th!

Category: Posted on: 03/22/23 3:28 PM
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National Doctor’s Day is March 30th, 2023. 

First observed in 1933 by the Barrow County Alliance in Winder, Georgia, National Doctor’s Day is celebrated annually to recognize the tireless, invaluable efforts of physicians across the country.

However, it wasn’t until 1990 that President George H.W. Bush signed the bill into law, officially designating March 30th National Doctor’s Day. 

Fun fact: March 30th is also the anniversary of the first administration of anesthesia! 

From family practitioners to radiologists to OBGYNs, take a few moments to think about how healthcare professionals have contributed to not only your own health and well-being, but the overall wellness of our community. 

Let’s talk about a few creative, healthy ways to show appreciation for your doctor(s)! 

The History of National Doctor’s Day

Back in 1933, Eudora Brown Almond, the wife of respected Georgia physician Dr. Charles Almond, began efforts to recognize and celebrate not only her husband but doctors around the country for their services. 

She decided the best way to show her appreciation was to send greeting cards to all the doctors she knew–and to leave red carnations on the graves of those who had passed. 

Almost 100 years later, the red carnation is still a widely used symbol associated with healthcare professionals. 

Why Does National Doctor’s Day Matter?

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Doctors work hard every day–even weekends–to keep their patients and communities healthy and thriving. There are over 600,000 active physicians in the U.S., and many work exhausting hours with little appreciation or praise. 

With a National Day dedicated to nearly every imaginable entity, cause, or organization, it’s only fitting that there be a day to recognize those who keep us alive, heal us when we’re sick, and even bring new life into the world. 

How You Can Celebrate National Doctor’s Day

Celebrating National Doctor’s Day can be as basic as a simple show of gratitude–or you can take it a step further and show your doctor or doctors how much they mean to you. 

Here are a few easy ways to show your doctor you care. 

Send A Thank You Note

One of the best ways to show your appreciation is by doing just that–showing your appreciation! Consider sending your doctor a simple card, note, or message letting them know they’ve made a difference. 

A simple, “thanks for being there for me” can be a thoughtful, touching reminder that the work we do matters!

Spread Awareness

While it’s been a nationally-recognized day for over 30 years, National Doctor’s Day doesn’t have the same “household name” stature as say, Labor Day. 

One way you can help spread the love is to share awareness and help others recognize and celebrate National Doctor’s Day! 

Consider bringing it up in conversation with friends, family, or co-workers, or even spreading awareness on social media! The more people who know about it, the more people can celebrate it!

Post on Social Media

National Doctor’s Day is primarily celebrated by healthcare organizations around the country. From doctor’s offices to insurance providers to hospitals and more, numerous entities will undoubtedly create all sorts of content for the day. 

Consider making your own post to recognize your doctor’s efforts–or like, comment, or share an existing post!

Share A Story

Has a doctor made a personal impact on your life? Consider sharing your story with the hashtag #NationalDoctorsDay–or leaving a positive review for your doctor on Google! 

Keep Paying It Forward

Even though we celebrate National Doctor’s Day on March 30th, you can keep the love and appreciation going year-round. 

Next time you’re in the office, let your doctor know you appreciate them, ask how they’re doing, and be courteous and thankful. 

A warm smile and a pleasant attitude go a long way!

Send A Red Carnation

Nothing shows love and appreciation like flowers. Consider sending a red carnation to your valued medical professionals–or leaving a red carnation at the grave of a doctor who has passed away.  

Schedule An Appointment

National Doctor’s Day can also serve as a reminder for those who have forgotten about things like routine checkups or immunizations. 

If you’re overdue for a check-in with your doctor, now is a good time to contact us or call and schedule an appointment

Happy National Doctor’s Day!

Hearts confetti and text thank you. Expressing gratitude to doctors and nurses idea

Above all else, it’s important to remember the reason doctors and healthcare professionals do what they do: you. 

So while you thank a doctor this year on National Doctor’s Day, we thank you as well!