A pregnant woman sitting in a yoga pose

I teach yoga to pregnant and postpartum moms. My focus in prenatal yoga is on relaxation, breath work, poses for ailments and preparing for birth. My focus in postpartum yoga is on relaxation, stress reduction,  healing from the birth process and strengthening.

My doula service involves being an emotional and physical support for women and their partners during pregnancy, labor and birth. I also teach acupressure comfort measures to birth partners to help in labor, as well as other comfort measures to assist in the birth process. It is said that having a doula during birth helps to reduce the need for interventions.  Placenta encapsulation involves dehydrating the placenta and placing it into capsule form for ingesting. There is research supporting how this increases milk supply. It is also said to reduce possible anemia and stabilizes mood, thus decreasing chances of PPD.


Contact Phone Number: 716-949-1115

Contact Email: mmcd5@earthlink.net

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