Joshua Sokolowski

Joshua was born January 12, 1997 during a mini snowstorm, weighing in at 9lbs. 4oz., and from the beginning was such a smart little boy.  Joshua was reading labels by pre-k as he was anaphylactic to several foods.  His parents felt that teaching him to double check everything he was eating would be the safest way for him to survive the next 12 years of school.  One of Joshua’s downfalls was he talked all the time.  All through school his mother was called in because he never stopped. They would move his desk to the back corner of the room and eventually the hallway, but he would find a way to chat with someone. Later, his parents figured out it was him just being bored because school came so easy for him. Joshua is now 21 and still talking non stop.  He has made Eagle Scout and he’s In college for computer science at UB, but considering an option as an English Teacher overseas.  Joshua’s mother, Suzanne, says, “Thank you, Dr. Santos, for safely delivering my little guy!  My delivery was a breeze and you were so professional.”  She continued to note, “Joshua’s my only child but 25 years later I’m still a patient at OB/GYN Associates of WNY and refer everyone to your team. I have always received the best care at your facilities.”