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The Boccoluccis

Dr. Carmen Todoro has always been Monica Boccolucci’s provider. Dr. Todoro delivered her twins, Emma and Elijah, and was there for most of her labor with her son Aidin. Monica was 12 hours into her labor when Dr. Todoro left to get home to his family, which was, “totally understandable,” Monica states. Twenty-five minutes later, in that 13th hour, Aidin decided to enter the world. He was delivered by Dr. Danakas.

Emma and Elijah are now twenty years old. Emma will be a senior at Buffalo State in the Fall of 2019 and just returned from a semester in France.  Her major is French and International Relations. She hopes to join the Peace Corp after graduation. Elijah is in the United States Air Force and stationed in Korea.

Aidin, 19, is a Ranger in the United States Army.

We are so proud to have delivered such wonderful young adults and look forward to hearing about all of their future accomplishments!