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The Nesselbush Sisters

Over 30 years at OGAWNY and 3rd generation started!

Dr. Carmen Todoro was my doctor back in the early 90s Ashley Rose came into this world by natural delivery at 8 lbs on June 18, 1993. A great sleeper, eater, rule follower, a focused girl all her life. She traveled to Africa three times for volunteer work and health care which expanded her Bachelor’s degree work at Daemen College and the completion of her Masters from USC Keck School of Medicine with a degree in Public Health.  Ashley is now 26, married, lives in East Concord New York and has a career at Roswell Park Cancer Center as a Clinical Research Coordinator, specifically in Phase 1 Oncology trials.  Her greatest work and passion is her daughter Ella Rose, who is 16 months old!  Thank you, Dr. Falkner!

Dakota Lyn, also delivered by Dr. Todoro and Dr. Santos, was my c-section baby, born June 27, 1996.   Tiny, not a sleeper, independent quiet player, outside the lines kinda girl, Dakota has been creative since she was a tot! She is well-traveled throughout Europe, including a trip to Africa with sister Ashley, and she graduated with a 4.0 GPA from Savanna College of Art and Design.  At 23, she resides in Springville, NY and has a career at Raven Vanguard Design Studio LLC as an Interior Designer.

From my early 20s of typical women’s health care needs of birth control to delivering two babies to now menopausal years in my 50s, I have stayed with this group at OGAWNY.  My two daughters you delivered now receive their women’s health care there and we have a third-generation started!