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3 reasons you need to join us for The March For Babies

Category: Posted on: 04/18/19 1:17 PM

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This May 5th is the March For Babies. We’re excited to participate and hope that you are, too. If you’re unfamiliar with the March For Babies, we’ll talk a little bit here about what it is, and why you should join us in it.

What is the March For Babies?

The March For Babies is an annual event that raises money to expand programs and educate medical professionals. It helps to make sure that mothers and babies are in the best hands. It provides advocacy for policies that are important to their health. It funds research to solve health problems.

But most importantly, you’re helping to support mothers through every stage of pregnancy. When things go awry, you’re showing your support for them.

Why should you take part?

There are three major reasons that you would want to join us for this event. We cover a lot of it in the above section, but we’ll go into a little bit more detail here.

  1. You’re showing support for mothers and their babies: This is very important for them. Having a support network and knowing that people care can make a difficult time much easier to get through. When our society works together to support every single family, we all will win in the end.
  2. You’re funding research into health issues: The number of health issues that can affect mothers and babies is alarming. However, when you participate in the March For Babies, you’re helping to raise funds for research into these issues. These funds can help the research find a cure or solution, which will be a great help to everyone.
  3. You’re helping expand programs and educate medical professionals. This helps to make sure that every mother and child has the medical care they need at the best quality. This is a tangible, powerful thing. The funding for this will save lives.

The March For Babies is coming up on May 5th!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there. If you want more details on how to get involved, click here!